In "Project Almanac," a twisty time travel thriller produced by "Transformers" overlord Michael Bay that opens this Friday, a group of teens stumble across a time machine, although it may as well be Aladdin's lamp, the way that they devise new and increasingly clever ways of utilizing folds in the space-time continuum for their own personal gain. In a way, it is one of the more believable time travel stories out there, because if teens were to gain access to this technology, chances are they'd use it to win the lottery or go to Lollapalooza and not, say, kill Hilter or prematurely end Vietnam.
Project Almanac - Clip No. 1 - Bullied - Exclusive
In our exclusive clip, you get to see the kids really playing around with their newfound powers in a way that only kids would.

This clip shows the group getting back on some bullies that dump a giant soda on Christina (Virginia Gardner), since apparently this is something that actually happens in really mean high schools and not just on "Glee." As her tormentors turn around, Christina is there -- thanks to the pseudo-magical science of time travel! -- only to dump two giant sodas on the girls who had just done the same to her. While one of them tries to protest about the impossibility of the situation, Christina says, quite triumphantly, "I'm everywhere bitch!"

The clip gives you a great look at the playful tone of the film, as well as its you-are-there, found-footage aesthetic. (We saw the movie back at San Diego Comic Con last year and had a lot of fun with it.) Even if you don't know the characters or the exact storyline yet, chances are you'll be able to identify with wanting to get back on those who have picked on you. And that's why "Project Almanac" works -- it's a wish fulfillment fantasy that gives way to more sinister undercurrents... But those you'll have to see the movie for.
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Project Almanac
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