So many things are happening on "Pretty Little Liars," and –– despite the show's name –– none of them are pretty. Not only is A more deranged than ever, Hanna's being framed for Mona's murder, Toby "Kindergarten Cop" Cavanaugh is being a total buzzkill, and tensions are at an all-time high between Aria and Ezra. Not because Ezra ritualistically stalked her (apparently we've all decided to move on from that), but because she shaded him in a college admissions letter and he's super sensitive.

So, what else happened in the mean streets of Rosewood this week? Read our recap to find out.

Caleb and Hanna Break Into A Storage Unit, Fail Miserably

Remember last week when Spencer and Caleb stumbled upon a storage unit filled with bloody clothes and a body barrel? Well, turns out this creepy lair was rented under Hanna's name, and you know what that means: she's being framed for Mona's murderer. The liars will stop at nothing to protect their favorite lovable ditz, so they formulate a cunning plan: Caleb will clear her name from the storage unit data base! Actually, not so cunning at all.

Naturally, Hanna's completely freaked out by how terrible this plan is, and convinces Caleb to help her ditch the liars and take matters into their own hands. Their scheme? To hide all the evidence in the storage unit so it can't be traced back to Hanna. In other words: worst idea ever, especially because they arrive at the storage unit only to find that all the evidence has already been removed, save for the body barrel.

Ezra Finds Out The Truth, Reacts In Worst Way Humanly Possible

Thanks to the fact that literally every college ever completely rejected her, Aria recently threw her relationship with Ezra under the bus in order to get into her safety school. Basically, she implied that Ezra ruined her life, and now A's threatening to reveal the truth. Sigh, typical. The good news is that Aria decides to come clean to Ezra. The bad news is that after being super casual about the whole thing, he proceeds to re-read the letter in a dark room, sit down with Aria, and float the idea of a break up. We know: the horror. But apparently Ezra thinks he's holding Aria back, and it's time for her to spread her wings and fly. Hmmm, sounds great, but maybe Aria can make her own life decisions, Ezra. A+ for effort, though.

In other news, things are still sexually tense between Hanna's mom, Ashley Marin, and Jason DiLaurentis –– which is slightly awkward due to the fact that she's kinda-sorta engaged to Pastor Ted. Poor Ashley tries to breaks things off with Jason and even quits her job at his office (because apparently he owns a business?), but then he kisses her again. Bridle those passions, Jason!

A Goes On The Attack, Talia Confesses Her Feelings for Emily

Despite the fact that he's PLL's resident nerd, Caleb forgets that the liars have access to Mona's GPS laptop, and they follow him and Hanna to what they think is the storage unit. Unfortunately, the laptop has already been moved, and the dream team end up in a terrifying dungeon where they find footage of Hanna and Caleb talking about their cunning plan. Looks like the liars are being watched again! Of course, then A shows up and locks Aria and Spencer in a freezing liquid nitrogen cell, but no bigs –– Emily lets them out. Just another day in Rosewood, everyone!

And speaking of Emily, it looks like her love life is about to get slightly less depressing. Turns out Ezra's new hire, Talia, isn't crushing on their boss, she has the hots for Em! Sorry, Paige who?

Toby Joins The Dark Side, Tanner Finds Incriminating Evidence

We're so worried about Spencer and Toby's relationship, mostly because Toby's obsessed with his new "job" as a "policeman" and seems to be having a moral crisis. This eager beaver starts the episode by accusing Detective Holbrook of manipulating Alison's polygraph tests, but after being yelled at by Detective Tanner, he begins to push Spencer away. In fact, he joins Tanner in a trip to the storage unit where they run into Hanna and Caleb! These lovebirds manage to get away, but instead of calling Spencer to keep her informed, Toby watches in silence as Tanner opens up a barrel containing what might be Mona's body. And he doesn't even let Spence know when Tanner finds blood on the floor that could incriminate Hanna!

So, why didn't Toby tip the liars off? Unclear, but we're worried he's going to the dark side. The dark side, in this case, being the Rosewood police force. Either way, Hanna is majorly screwed –– but hey, at least she and Caleb are still going strong! (Awkward moment of silence for all the other "PLL" couples who are breaking up....)

Burning Questions

Will Emily start dating Talia? Because she definitely could use a rebound.

Whose blood did Tanner find on the storage unit's floor?

Why did A / A's minions remove all of the evidence from the storage unit except for the barrel?

Is Mona's body in the barrel, or is this just another of A's tricks?

Will Toby and Spencer / Ezra and Aria breakup? Because there's only so much we can handle.