what we do in the shadows posterOne of the true delights of last year's South by Southwest Film Festival was watching "What We Do in the Shadows." It was one of the last days that I was attending the festival and had tried to see what ended up being a much lesser horror comedy but was locked out of the screening. Instead, I walked over and watched "What We Do in the Shadows," with only the vaguest understanding what it was supposed to be, and laughed myself silly. It's a huge thrill that it is finally coming out, with some assistance from Funny or Die, and that we can exclusively debut the new poster (below).

The poster for the film, co-directed by "Flight of the Conchords" principles Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement, is mostly text-based, featuring the various outlets that called the film hilarious, as well as the three main vampires from the film that are hovering amongst the text -- there's Viago (Waititi), Vladsislav (Clement) and Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), the young pup who is "only" 183 years-old. The film, which premiered around this time last year at the Sundance Film Festival, is a mockumentary about the lives of a house full of vampires in Wellington, New Zealand. That's about all you need to know (and all you should know) to enjoy this uproarious delight. Seriously, this feels like a cult classic in the making.

"What We Do in the Shadows" will be released on February 13th. Bring someone who you wouldn't mind necking with (get it?)
what we do in the shadows poster 2015