In the next few days, the Sundance Film Festival in snowy Park City, Utah, will officially wind down. The 2015 festival was notable for the sheer abundance of films that demanded critical attention and, eventually, intense bidding wars. Several smaller companies were left desperate for new films, while a number of filmmakers made notable breakthroughs.

But only a handful can be considered the most buzzed-about in all of Sundance. These are the films that not only made an impact with audiences, both also resonated with critics and, in some cases, triggered a mad scramble for distribution rights. It's hard to forget, though, that most Sundance darlings have a hard time connecting with the mainstream, and films that have sold for oodles of cash (films like "Happy, Texas") have failed to recoup their big festival payday when released nationwide.

But hey, let's hope for the best. These are ten of the films that had people buzzing the loudest in Park City.

'The Overnight' Sundance Review