ted 2 trailerSeth MacFarlane learned a valuable lesson last year when he unleashed his hugely expensive flop "A Million Ways to Die in the West" last summer: that he should make another "Ted." And he did. "Ted 2" will be out on June 26th, 2015, and the first rude, crude trailer has just been unleashed on an unsuspecting world (that's the new poster, just below it).

It's pretty much everything that you would expect, and not much more. If you've seen the original film, about a grown man (played by Mark Wahlberg, who returns here) and his complicated relationship with the talking teddy bear from his childhood named Ted (MacFarlane, with a goopy Boston accent), then you know all you really need to know about "Ted 2," which sees Amanda Seyfried in place of Mila Kunis, who is also joined by Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. Not too shabby.

After watching the trailer, are you ready to make another profane play date with Ted, or have you left it behind, like so many other toys?