Chances are you saw the "Seventh Son" spot that aired as part of Sunday night's big Super Bowl game (the one that played while Katy Perry was offstage, partying with her land-shark homeboys). The swashbuckling fantasy, starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes and based on the novel "The Spook's Apprentice" by Joseph Delaney, features a lot of off-the-wall monster action in its various promotional materials but not nearly enough Julianne Moore as a villainous witch goddess named Mother Malkin. Well, here we are, answering your prayers with an exclusive scene from the movie (out this Friday).
'Seventh Son' - Clip No. 1 - Exclusive
In this brief clip, Djimon Hounsou, playing Radu (a character not in the original novel), brings Mother Malkin a small troop of assassins, to rid the world of The Spook (Bridges) and his apprentice, Tom Ward (Barnes). One of these assassins, who have a cool, made-of-granite look to them, has the misfortune of attempting eye contact with Julianne Moore, with severe consequences. (Let it be known that this is not the case in real life; I made eye contact with Julianne Moore while out to dinner one time and she didn't murder me with her skeleton tail.)

As you can tell, this movie is insane. And opening this week! Bring the giant monster you love.
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Seventh Son
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