For anyone who came of age in the '90s, Disney's "Aladdin" is a sacred text. A loose adaptation of an Arabian folktale and a key film in the Disney Renaissance, it was a wild, fun and fancy-free animated film unlike anything that had come before it (and quite frankly anything since). It had a deeply emotional center but was surrounded by silly sight gags, Broadway musical numbers and the elastic vocal styling of Robin Williams, a performer who seemed tailor made for this type of material. And if you want to be taken back to your childhood for a couple of minutes, just check out our exclusive trailer -- which we're debuting with our friends at -- for the new, upcoming "Diamond Edition" of "Aladdin," available on Blu-ray and via digital HD on October 6, 2015. You will be transported.
Disney's 'Aladdin' Blu-Ray Trailer - Exclusive
Judging by the footage, the animation has been cleaned up significantly, to the point that it probably didn't look this good when it hit theaters over the Thanksgiving holiday in 1992. Seriously, it looks stunning. (And it's even more bittersweet watching moments from Williams's performance, since he was so gifted and died so tragically last year. Sigh.) It makes sense that "Aladdin" would be getting the deluxe treatment now; not only did Williams's death renew interest in the film but it was also the basis for a lavish Broadway musical that is still one of the most popular shows.

But hey, he left behind an amazing body of work, and "Aladdin" is certainly one of the crown jewels (at the time Disney CEO Michael Eisner thanked Williams by buying him a Picasso). It's been in the "Disney vault" for a while now, so it's so great to see it out and free in the world -- like a genie who has just escape their magic lamp.