child 44 posterWhen we first saw the trailer for "Child 44," we commented on Tom Hardy's amazing Russian accent and the fact that a Soviet-era thriller, especially in today's turbulent political climate, could be really, really cool. Well, we are here to debut the brand new poster for the film (opening on April 17th), which reinforces the movie's fertile setting while paying homage to stylized Soviet propaganda. It's a really great poster.

"Child 44," which costars Vincent Cassel, Noomi Rapace, and Gary Oldman, is based on Tom Rob Smith's best-selling historical novel of the same name and was, in turn, based on a series of real-life child murders committed by a man dubbed the Red Ripper (he claimed to have killed over 50 women and children). What makes the story even more compelling, of course, is that it was committed during Stalin's reign in Russia, a supposedly perfect Communist state free of messy complications like serial murders.

This poster really captures the feeling of Soviet-era Russia, with its stark design and giant star, evoking the propaganda posters from the same period, a stylization that has been evoked many times ever since, from other movie posters like "V for Vendetta" to things like Franz Ferdinand album covers. The poster goes a long way in establishing the mood and tone of "Child 44" and the time period when it's set, complete with an eerie tagline: "Those who seek truth will be silenced." Now that is moody.
child 44 poster