Of all the movies opening in the next few weeks, "McFarland, USA" is one that is probably flying under most people's radar. But it shouldn't. It's a terrific Disney sports movie in the tradition of "Miracle" and last year's "Million Dollar Arm," dramatizing the inspirational true story of a California track team that defied the odds to become winners under the leadership of an out-of-his-comfort-zone coach (played by Kevin Costner). All of the reasons you should get excited about this movie are nicely enclosed in our exclusive featurette.
McFarland, USA - Clip No. 1 - Exclusive
The featurette, running at a brisk three minutes, details the original true story and features interviews with Costner, director Niki Caro, and the young actors who play the kids in the movie. (The footage from the film should also make you appreciate the absolutely stunning cinematography from Adam Arkapaw, who photographed "Top of the Lake.") Additionally, the featurette gives you some Latin heat courtesy of Colombian superstar Juanes, who wrote a new song for the movie (he just performed the same song on the Grammys on Sunday).

So sit back and watch this delightful featurette and be sure not to miss the movie when it opens on February 20th. It's the perfect heartwarming family treat to thaw you out on a cold, wintery day.
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McFarland, USA
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