Daily Show With Jon StewartYesterday, word got out that Jon Stewart would be retiring from Comedy Central's "Daily Show," and last night, the host announced the news himself on air.

"Comedy Central gave me an incredible opportunity 17 years ago, to pilot this wonderful franchise," he said. "In my heart I know it's time for someone else to have that opportunity."

Stewart will stay on until later this year, though his exact departure date is unknown. He's been behind the "Daily Show" desk since 1999, and has seen many of his correspondents go on to become major stars themselves - from Steve Carell to Stephen Colbert to John Oliver.

His future plans are also unknown, though he may direct again (he took time off from "The Daily Show" in 2013 to direct the movie "Rosewater"). Stewart definitely plans on spending more time with his family.

"I don't have any specific plans. Got a lot of ideas," he said. "I'm gonna have dinner on a school night with my family, who I have heard from multiple sources are lovely people."

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