Amazing Spider-ManSpider-Man had better get ready for pop quizzes - Sony wants to send the character back to high school in the franchise's next films.

Variety reports that Sony is looking for a younger actor to replace Andrew Garfield, who would debut in an upcoming Marvel movie (likely "Captain America: Civil War"). A couple of names floating around are "Maze Runner" actor Dylan O'Brien and "Percy Jackson" star Logan Lerman.

First, Sony has to find a new director to replace Marc Webb before holding auditions. And they have yet to decide on whether Spider-Man should be Peter Parker or another character in the suit. But high school will definitely be a major setting in Spidey's standalone films, which would "explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom."

Before a solo Spider-Man movie, however, he'll probably appear in "Captain America: Civil War," set for a 2016 release. In the comic books, the storyline pits Captain America against Iron Man, and Spider-Man is a pivotal part of their battle.