One of the greatest things about the recently released "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" is that it takes some real risks when it comes to form. The movie, after being a traditionally animated lark for most of its running time, veers into craziness in the third act, incorporating a live-action section with three-dimensional computer animated versions of the characters and there's even a stop-motion animated galactic dolphin (don't ask). In that tradition, the marketing team has come up with an ingeniously weird promotional item, a short film done in the style of the French New Wave, complete with subtitles, black-and-white photography and excessive artiness.
The SpongeBob Movie - A Day in the Life of a Real Sponge
The basic conceit is what a real life SpongeBob would be like in our world, full of angst and frustration. There's a lot of voice over narration (in French) and the entire thing is shot in hazy black-and-white, to appropriate the look most closely associated with those classic films. At the end of the short, you get a little peek into the dreams of this SpongeBob – dreams that look surprisingly similar to sequences from "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water." Odd...

This short is well worth watching and keeps with the experimental, mixed-media fun of the film in which it's based. Keep it up, SpongeBob!