Mad Men

A new teaser for the second part of "Mad Men"'s seventh and final season is here, and it looks like Don Draper and co. are in for plenty of hookups and hangovers in the final stretch of episodes.

As is usual for the secretive series, the promo is short on plot, but chock full of funky fashion and lots of furtive glances between our characters. Pete and Peggy share a moment at a party, while Don and Megan appear to still be on different wavelengths; there's also split screen shots of Betty and Sally, and one of Joan and the men of the Sterling Cooper & Partners office, including a singled out Roger.

What does all this mean for the last few episodes of the show, though? It seems we're being pointed into expecting resolutions between these characters, including the likely (official) end of Don and Megan's marriage, Betty and Sally finally communicating, and Peggy and Pete potentially getting back together after their season one hookup. And could Joan and Roger be ready to give a real relationship a shot?

There's no telling what creator Matt Weiner has up his sleeve, but we'll be tuning in no matter what happens. The final season of "Mad Men" continues on April 5 on AMC.

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Photo credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC