'Big Hero 6': A Conversation With Baymax
On Sunday night, Disney's "Big Hero 6" took home the prize for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, a deserved triumph and cap to an amazing run that included critical accolades and a global box office of almost $600 million. And what's more, the movie just came out on home video, so you can watch the exploits of Hiro and his super-heroic friends anytime you want. (The Blu-ray is the way to go, by the way, thanks to a flawless transfer and host of special features, including the Oscar-winning short "Feast.") A couple of weeks ago, though, I was granted a unique opportunity -- to actually interview the robotic star of "Big Hero 6," Baymax!

I had to travel to San Franskoyo to do the interview, but it was worth it -- getting to talk to Baymax about his exploits since the first movie, including whether or not he's recognized in the street and what kind of good deeds he's been doing, was definitely a highlight of my journalistic career. (You can tell by the dopey grin I wear for the duration of the interview.) Watch below and see what Baymax had to say about flying, his friendship with Hiro, and what it takes to maintain a secret identity.