Get HardWill Ferrell is on a mission to prepare for prison in the new red band trailer for "Get Hard," and if Kevin Hart is to be believed, his stint in San Quentin is going to involve lots of sexual favors.

The NSFW clip features Ferrell's naked posterior and an in-depth discussion with Hart's character, Darnell, who explains that there's "a 100 percent chance" that Ferrell's white collar criminal character, James, will wind up as "somebody's bitch." So James does what anyone would do: He walks up to a complete (and incredibly buff) stranger and meekly threatens to "fight the s--t out of" him.

James's misadventures -- led by an equally-clueless Darnell -- also include smoking lots of weed and downing 40s. In one especially graphic scene, James works up the courage to perform a sexual favor for another man in an effort to put a decidedly different spin on the old adage, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Check out the raunchy clip below. "Get Hard" is due in theaters on March 27.

Photo credit: YouTube