If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

On Monday night, ABC revealed that "The Bachelorette" will have two rosemistresses for the first time in the show's history. (There were two Bachelors at one time, on Byron Velvick's season, and the women of the house voted early on to pick one to stay.) Jimmy Kimmel sat down with the two new bachelorettes: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. Jimmy grilled them on what will happen (they're not sure of the details yet), and what happens if they like the same guy. Jimmy also had them practice dumping a guy. Love when Kaitlyn dumped Jimmy for Guillermo, and Britt pulled the Matt Damon card on Jimmy and slapped him. Bette Midler was also on JKL and tucked her feet up on the couch. She looks amazing. She talked about starting in radio, although she didn't get to be on the air at first, and her career from there. She was fired from a bunch of retail jobs along the way. It's a good thing she can perform! The stage is her home, she said, but she won't do the huge stage shows anymore. However, she did sing Kim Kardashian's tweets. It's amazing. Watch.

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Conan O'Brien all had repeats on Monday, but David Letterman was up and running, and he talked to "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey and the new Cinderella, "Downtown Abbey's" Lily James.

Kevin and Dave talked about how, the last time they talked, Dave was confused about Twitter and thought you had to pay for it. Kevin wanted to make it clear that you don't pay for Twitter but you do pay for Netflix. If you pay for Twitter, someone is ripping you off. If you don't pay for Netflix, you're ripping Kevin off. Haha. Kevin also talked about his theater project in the Middle East, working with young, emerging talent. He said you can sometimes accomplish things artistically and culturally that you can't do politically. Interesting talk. Kevin also did his Jack Lemmon and Johnny Carson impressions. Jack was a huge mentor for Kevin, and they eventually worked on four projects together, including the amazing "Glengarry Glen Ross." Kevin Spacey is everything. He should host one of these things someday. Lily said she's only rarely recognized for "Downton Abbey." She told the story of being stuck on a boat with a friend and she just said the words 'Downtown Abbey' and then it was chaos since apparently everyone wanted to hear about it. The video is too short - they don't have enough from her.