DreamWorks Animation's zippy new film "Home" focuses on what happens after a cuddly alien race (they look like gummy tree frogs) decides to invade Earth and uproot almost its entire population. That's when a goofy alien outcast named Oh (Jim Parsons) teams up with a young human girl named Tip (Rihanna), in an international quest to reunite Tip with her abducted mother (Jennifer Lopez) and set things right with the rest of his alien brethren (led by Steve Martin). In terms of mismatched comedy duos, it doesn't get more gloriously mismatched than this, as you'll see in our exclusive new clip.
'Home' Exclusive Clip
The clip, which runs just under a minute long, takes place shortly after Oh has retrofitted Tip's car to include all sorts of science fiction-y upgrades. If you're wondering why hot dogs come out of the cigarette lighter, well, it's because he used bits and pieces that he found at a local convenience store. (Later in the movie, the car launches microwavable burritos like they're torpedoes.) This is the first time that Tip and Oh have really had a chance to talk, since before this they've just been running and screaming and hiding; it's also the first time Oh has encountered Tip's chubby cat Pig. When Pig starts to purr, Oh exclaims, "He's vibrating! Is he going to explode?" Silly alien invader! When Oh tries to get Tip to open up, she shuts down, which leads to a great sight gag to end the clip: Oh moving up the car seat, a dumb smile plastered across his face and a purring cat perched on his head, to look at the resolute Tip.

"Home," which opens on March 27th, is a colorful and boisterous animated lark, one that has a whole lot of heart and visual inventiveness. This clip is a great example of the movie's silly-sweet tone and if you found yourself giggling or going "awwww," well, there's plenty more where that came from.

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