Premiere Of Dimension Films' Killing off a character with a falling piano? Charlie Sheen - Charlie Sheen! - thinks that's in poor taste.

The notorious actor didn't hold back when TMZ recently asked him about his thoughts on the series finale of "Two and a Half Men" - and how his character was offed by creator Chuck Lorre.

"To go that low and be that immature and that completely unevolved and that stupid - in my face, really?" Sheen said.

Then, he added this not-so-thinly-veiled threat: "You must feel safe, motherf---er. You must feel safe where you live."

Sheen and Lorre have a ... shall we say ... colorful history. The two parted on highly acrimonious terms when Sheen departed the hit CBS comedy in 2011. There was some talk earlier this year that the actor might make a cameo on the finale.

But Sheen didn't appear, and Lorre's famous post-show production card read: "I know a lot of you might be disappointed that you didn't get to see Charlie Sheen in tonight's finale. For the record, he was offered a role ... [At the end] we would drop a piano on him. We thought it was funny. He didn't."

Guess they'll just have to agree to disagree again. Charlie Sheen Slams Chuck Lorre Over 'Two And A Half Men' Finale
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