Well, Season 6 of "Community" is almost here, and we get to see all of our favorite aspects of the show back on the screen. Sure, it's a slightly smaller screen, but we shall get to reunite with our favorite Greendale characters once again – or at least most of them. The new additions to the cast hopefully add an entirely new dynamic that I'm excited to see play out. Here are 5 reasons to get excited:

1. The Creative Episodes

"Community" has created entertaining episodes about paintball and "The Floor is Lava." The creative material they come up with is insane, and Season 6 just means there will be more to look forward to. If every episode came from the inside of a blanket fort, I would be a happy girl. You can tell that the writers have a good time writing the show, and with the move to Yahoo Screen, this can hopefully mean bigger and better things for the future.

2. Constant Pop Culture References

Abed is one of my favorite characters on television, mainly in part to his constant stream of pop culture references. Plots that center on his inability to understand reality are some of the more enjoyable episodes that we've seen from the series. Scenes where he's trying to figure out Nick Cage or that Christmas special (you know the one) or the Comic Convention that parodies "Doctor Who." Every zany situation he gets into is another reason to love Abed and to identify with him even more.

3. Dean Puns

As someone who appreciates a good pun every now and again, every time the Dean enters a scene, I cannot help but burst out laughing. If we get more scenes like the Dean rap, I foresee many hurting ribs in our future. Dean Pelton has turned into one of my favorite characters with his random entrances and unabashed love for Jeff Winger. Hopefully we can have more Dean-centric plots in the future, but for now I'm just content with the lovely puns.

4. Awesome Guest Stars

They've had people like Jack Black, Anthony Michael Hall, Lavar Burton, Rob Cordry, and so many others. Now that they have grown in popularity –- somewhat due to their renewal being all over the internet last year –- they have the opportunity to attract different stars which can only add to the hilarity.

5. Will They/Won't They Relationships

While such relationships often become trite, "Community" executes the will they/won't they relationship perfectly. It can go from Jeff/Brita to Jeff/Annie in a millisecond and I don't even care. Both relationships are cute and there's this constant state of suspense where the viewers is made to ask "What will happen next?"

Brooke Schmidt is a student at The College of New Jersey and a contributor to Moviefone's Campus Beat. Are you a current college student with a love for all things movies and TV? Contribute to Campus Beat!