If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" is in Austin, Texas, and in a little boost to the local economy, he posted a tweet asking if any businesses might want him to help them produce a TV commercial. He went with Vulcan Video and shot a commercial starring a "local actor" named Matthew McConaughey. Everything is better with McConaughey. This is a must-watch especially when McConaughey shows up and gets in classic McConaughey mode.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey Make A Local TV Commercial for Vulcan Video

Kevin Hart was on JKL and talked about the time he tried to work out with the University of Texas football team and it was a little too much for him. He threw up. "I didn't even clean it up, I just ran." Haha. He also talked about being the roastmaster for Justin Bieber's roast. He admits it went a little rough. There were moments where he thought Justin was going to cry. Brad Paisley performed on JKL and also talked to Jimmy about going to Afghanistan with President Obama last May. Brad discussed the long trips there and back on Air Force One.
Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa were guests on "The Tonight Show" Monday night, and they played "Catchphrase" with Jimmy Fallon. Miles and Wiz crushed it ... until Wiz had to name a Taylor Swift song. His face! Hilarious.Jim Parsons talked to Jimmy about irritating Rihanna:
Miles Teller talked to Jimmy about growing a mustache and getting buff to play a boxer. He'd love to grow a thick Tom Selleck mustache but he physically can't.

"Insurgent" star Shailene Woodley was on "Late Show with David Letterman," and you may remember how she previously said she liked to eat clay. Dave wanted to see if she still did that. He's fascinated by that. She still does, but it's not like she sits down and just eats clay by the bowl. She also discussed the latest addition to her diet - bone broth, as part of the Paleo Diet. She has a little bit in the morning. Dave also went into detail about his own diet and all the stuff he can't eat anymore. He's always looking for something that makes his chemistry better. Poor Dave is just hungry. Sen. Ted Cruz was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and Seth mentioned that, when politicians from Texas go to New Hampshire (where Seth is from), it tends to be when they're running for president. Sen. Cruz discussed his "the world is on fire" comment that scared a little girl. The little girl is fine and she now thinks Ted Cruz is a fireman who'll put out the fire. Kevin Nealon was on "Conan" and said Eli Manning messed up his phone after taking a photo at SNL 40. (He also met Sarah Palin and said he would never vote for her but she was great with his son and he'd hire her as a babysitter.) He also shared his late night talk show audition, in case anyone wants to hire him.

Actress/singer Maia Mitchell was also on "Conan" and said there needs to be more diversity in the emoji world. Why is there no Australian flag? And why are the emojis white? #EmojiProblems