age of adaline, starring Blake Lively and Michiel HuismanBlake Lively already seems to have hit the genetic jackpot, and in "The Age of Adaline" her character never ages at all. That may sound like a dream come true (especially if you get to look like her forever), but it's essentially the vampire curse -- you see the ones you love age around you, but you can't share the journey, and you have to say goodbye over and over. Aging has its benefits.

"The Age of Adaline" -- co-starring Michiel Huisman of "Game of Thrones" -- opens on April 24, but we have the first look at the new poster.

Adaline Bowman (Lively) is shown in focus, with Ellis Jones (Huisman), in shadow, over this tagline: "Adaline was ageless until she found something timeless."

The story follows how Adaline, born in 1908, survives a terrible car accident in the 1930s but something "almost magical" leaves her "immune to the ravages of time." She tries not to get too close to anyone who might reveal (or just be freaked out by) her secret, until she meets Ellis Jones, and he makes her reconsider everything. Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker play Ellis's parents, and apparently Harrison's William Jones is someone from Adaline's past. That could get interesting. The whole movie looks like a potential heart-breaker, but it should be beautiful along the way.age of adaline posterThe Age of Adaline - Trailer No. 2
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