Hyundai Presents The Walking Dead: A Decade Of DeadGreg Nicotero is arguably the MVP of "The Walking Dead," perhaps even more so than comic book writer/TV producer Robert Kirkman. Nicotero is known as the special effects guru, but he also executive produces the show and has directed 11 episodes so far. He has four episodes under his belt for Season 5, including the premiere, Episode 9, Episode 12 and the upcoming 90-minute Episode 16 finale (March 29).

So it's no surprise that AMC wants to keep him in the family. According to Deadline, he just signed a new two-year deal with the network. The contract has him continue as an executive producer and episode director on both the main "Walking Dead" show and the upcoming companion series/spinoff, while also allowing him to develop new projects for the network.

Maybe now would be a good time for AMC to greenlight a show just about Nicotero's Zombie School. Showrunner Scott Gimple suggested the title "America's Next Top Walker," and it sounds good from here. It also sounds like, if Nicotero has a two-year pact for both shows and other projects, that AMC is unofficially announcing "The Walking Dead" Season 7 and another year of the spinoff, beyond the already announced 2016 second season.

The spinoff's first season premieres late this summer with six episodes presumably leading into Season 6 of the mother show. Season 6 is already official, but AMC has yet to confirm the premiere date. It's usually around the second Sunday in October, but keep every October Sunday free.