Oh my goodness, dance fans. What a spectacular night of dancing, and it's only Week 2!

Everyone -- well, with one exception, was so strong, resulting in a very high-scoring night: most scores were between 28 and 32 points, with one score well below 26, and one as high as 34. I'm surprised the competition is this tough so early in the season, especially with a season of relative unknowns (the celebrities are always mostly unknown, but even more so this year). It's already tough to choose my Top 5.

Perhaps "My Jam Monday" helped the competitors reach the top of their game. Dancing to music you love always helps your performance. There's little fanfare to start the episode because there's so much dancing to do, not to mention the season's first elimination. So let's get to it.

Here's my Top 5 this week:

Robert & Kym's Fox-Trot ("You Make Me Feel So Young" - Michael Buble): I don't know what Robert is like on "Shark Tank," but he sure seems like a sweet man here. He's adorable (actually looks a bit like Robin Williams), he's clearly having a great time, and dancing really well, despite a couple small errors. He does need to watch his posture, a common problem in the fox-trot: it's easy to lift the shoulders and stick the butt out when stepping out into the basic. I'm a little surprised they're starting with the romance angle so soon in the season, but a friend of mine mentioned the rumors just the other day, so I appreciate the producers acknowledging it. Score: 28

Rumer & Val's Cha-Cha ("Rumour Has It" - Adele): Yeah, Papa Bruce really did not look happy last week, but hopefully he's pleased this week. Rumer again looks fantastic, with a really hip, sexy routine to a great song. I also liked Val's choreography, though it was over too quickly, and she's totally a powerhouse. I agree with Julianne that her upper body is a little tight and she could relax a bit. I'd also love to see a little more personality. She's a great performer, and definitely sexy, but when she's not being sexy she looks a little nervous or concentrating. A smile could do her a lot of good. It's a pretty nitpicky comment, but when the technique is that strong, we can afford to be nitpicky. Score: 32

Redfoo & Emma's Jive ("My Sharona" - The Knack): I'm so jazzed by that Jive! That was really great. What an enormous improvement over last week! No more fun and games this week, Redfoo took it very seriously, worked his hiney off, and really did a stupendous job. Great energy, excellent footwork, clean, sharp, and precise. And a great song choice too. I'm so excited that Emma may actually have a partner worthy of what she brings to the show (though I personally didn't like the beginning of the choreography, or those too short shorts). Score: 31

Willow and Mark's Argentine Tango ("Somebody That I Used to Know" - Gotye): Well, readers, you may not know me well, but one thing you should know is that I loooove Argentine tango. It is probably my favorite ballroom dance, and I've rarely met an Argentine tango I didn't like. What you also wouldn't know is that, despite the ridiculous amount of airplay this song's gotten, I adore "Somebody That I Used to Know." So this routine could not get more me. I was pre-destined to like it before they even started moving. As my husband said from the other room, if I were an official "DWTS" judge, this would be considered pandering. That said, Willow and Mark did a really terrific job. The complicated choreography is tight and musical, the execution beautiful. I thought Willow was great last week too so I didn't see as vast an improvement, and there are certainly still techniques to work on. She needs to pull up taller, straighten her legs a little more and a little closer together, and point her feet. She wants to stretch her legs out as far as they can go before pulling them back into position. But as I mentioned last week, she has huge maturity for someone so young, and enormous potential. I'm excited to watch her grow. Score: 32

Nastia & Derek's Rumba ("Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Shearon): Whoa. That rumba is absolutely stunning. Despite my jokes last week about giving the other contestants a chance, Rumer and Val were slightly better then. Not this week. This is stupendous. Absolutely gorgeous quality of movement, incredible hip motion, beautiful arms and legs (that incredible develope! Wow!). Willow needs to watch Nastia and take notes, paying close attention to her legs and feet (though her arms and hands are gorgeous too). Elongated and tight but so flexible, she stretches out as far as she can reach, with every inch of her body, then pulls back to the perfect placement. My only criticism, such as it is, is that moments of the choreography are too fast (in last week's fox-trot too), and I want them to slow down a tad and enjoy it. Score: 34
'Dancing With the Stars': Nastia's Sensual Rumba

The Rest:

Chris & Witney's Cha-Cha ("Time of Our Lives" - Pitbull & Ne-Yo): Yes, the Bachelor had no dance experience and only four days to work on the routine (as they kept repeating), but this is definitely rough. He looks extremely awkward and needs to keep his chest up more. He is still enthusiastic and having fun, which goes a long way, but he needs to get stronger. Perhaps the fact that Witney corrected him when it was actually her mistake didn't help his confidence (she said left leg in the package when she actually meant the right). Score: 21

Suzanne & Tony's Jive ("Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" - Jerry Lee Lewis): Chrissy Snow is definitely having fun tonight! Suzanne's clearly enjoying herself with her shimmy-tastic jive, and dances a clean, fun routine, especially once she gets down off the piano. I can see what Julianne means about being more raunchy though, and it's not about the choreography: She's playing it a little close to the chest, with minimal movements. Yes, efficiency of movement is important, but you want to be as big as you can be while still economizing. I do love her comment to Erin though: "It's not about your age, it's about your energy and the health you have." Amen. Score: 28

Charlotte & Keo's Cha-Cha ("California Gurls" - Katy Perry): Wow, I am trippin' over those bizarre dancing crabs. But Charlotte has improved hugely since last week, and she's having a great time. Wow, she's got serious legs too. She needs a little more softness in her knees and articulation in the feet (as Carrie Ann pointed out), and there's another small mistake I think, but she looks much more comfortable. I also really appreciate their mentioning cyber bullying and the negative comments about her on social media. My comments last week weren't particularly positive, but they were more about her presentation on the show and her dance ability than about Charlotte as a person. It's frustrating and sad that there is as much body shaming over thin, voluptuous women as there is with overweight women. No one should be treated so poorly, no matter what they look like. Score: 26

Michael & Peta's Fox-Trot ("Working My Way Back to You" - The Spinners): Peta mentioned that Michael had a hectic schedule this week, but she didn't say much about how little time they actually had to practice. But considering the setback, Michael looked terrific. Really clean in his steps, and such a great smile. Like Robert, Michael has some of the same posture issues with the fox-trot, but he clearly enjoyed himself. And why not, in that dazzling red jacket. Score: 28

Noah & Sharna's Samba ("Homegrown Honey" - Darius Rucker): Well, Sharna sure ain't wearing much, and I'm sorry they're bringing the butt-slapping back (I remember a lot of that last season). Noah is truly amazing, but it's difficult to assess. He's always going to look a little stiff and uncomfortable because he's unable to bend his left knee. But considering that, he moves really well and has great rhythm and musicality. The best part, of course, was when they surprised him with his girlfriend, who came home early from basic training and was there backstage at the show. Very touching. Score: 27

Riker and Allison's Fox-Trot ("Sugar" - Maroon 5): Oh my, Riker. Just the makeover is great. He cleans up nice. He was great last week, but he looks so much better like this. His fox-trot is lovely and smooth too, with nice lines, clean movements, and a sweet smile. Score: 32

Patti & Artem's Salsa ("In da Club" - 50 Cent): I didn't love this routine as much as the judges did, but it was fun, and you couldn't tell that Miss LaBelle had injured her knee. I know I sound like Len, but I would've liked a little less clubbing and a little more salsa. But when she dances, it's entertaining, and that dress is terrific. Score: 28

As awesome co-host Tom Bergeron mentioned several times tonight, there was less than a tenth of a percent separating the bottom two couples in this first round of voting, and I am so sad to see anyone leave. No more messing around after the excitement of last week; all the competitors stepped up, worked hard, and improved in leaps and bounds, including the four couples in jeopardy: Charlotte & Keo, Redfoo & Emma, Chris & Witney, and Suzanne & Tony.

It's heartbreaking to see anyone leave, but especially tonight's eliminated couple: Redfoo and Emma. He showed such dedication and focus and gave a stellar performance, and I wanted much more for Emma. Apparently the audience agreed with me too, as they booed their reaction. I wonder if they also felt, like me, that Chris Soules should have gone home instead. So which were your favorite dances tonight?

Are you also sad Redfoo was eliminated? And are you looking forward to Latin Night next week? Chime in below.