The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived: A's identity was (kind of) revealed on the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars," and everyone's minds and Twitter feeds are officially blown. The entire season has been leading up to this big moment, and we have to say –– it didn't disappoint. Ready to find out the identity of Rosewood's resident criminal mastermind? Check out our recap, and as always, don't try this at home. (Note: "this" = stalking people via text in small-town Pennsylvania).

Mona Is Back.... And She Has A New Look

Everyone panic: the liars are being hauled off to jail for allegedly killing Mona Vanderwaal! But if you thought A was going to let these ladies sit cozy in a cell, think again. Instead, A commandeers their prison transport truck, roofies the driver, and kidnaps the liars. Sigh, kids these days.

Wondering what A has planned for the liars? Well, apparently she / he has been building exact replicas of the liars' bedrooms all season long (that's not crazy or anything), and each of the girls wakes up in their respective faux bed with a creepy computer voice as their only companion. After getting their bearings, the liars eventually make their way to Alison DiLaurentis' faux living room, where a random blonde girl in a mask plays the piano in the creepiest way ever. Like, no one should go near a piano again, that's how creepy this scene is. So, who's the mystery girl with the mask? That would be the one and only Mona Vanderwaal! Mic drop.

The Liars Form A Cunning Plan, Marvel At A's Insanity

First thing's first: Mona isn't A. But she is being mind-controlled by A, who's making her assume Ali's identity. As in, she's being forced to wear blonde hair and live in a creepy dollhouse. The
good news is that Mona isn't actually crazy, and she helps the liars hatch an escape plan! Here's what goes down: when A forces the ladies into recreating a faux prom (yikes, A, get it together), Spencer and Mona use the decorations to create a machine that can kill A's stalker system. Sounds totally plausible, so let's move on.

Meanwhile in Rosewood, Toby is in a total tizzy about "civilian mobs," and he finally ends up telling Spencer's parents that their daughter's been stolen from a prisoner transport truck. Naturally, Mrs. Hastings is like "out of my way Kindergarten cop," and heads down to the police station to visit Ali, who reveals that A is back and bigger than ever. Armed with this huge news, Spencer's parents team up with Toby and Ezra to help find the liars ––– but when Mrs. Hastings gets a call from Melissa, guess who's tapping her phone? That would be Aria's new study-buddy, Andrew Campbell! Sigh, this just proves our working theory: never trust a man who Aria finds attractive.

Not so shockingly, having the help of an adult authority figure is actually super helpful, and Mr. and Mrs. Hastings convince Detective Tanner to let Caleb locate the girls. His computer skills lead the police to an apple orchard that Spencer used to visit as a kid (aka A's lair), but unfortunately the liars are no where to be found. Foiled again!

In other news, there are now no fewer than two teenage boys working with the Rosewood Police Force right now. Just saying.

Drum Roll, Please...A Is A Dude Named Charles!

It's prom night! The liars head to A's dance and bust a move with some insanely creepy mannequins, and before long Mona makes her grand appearance as Ali. Spencer (who's realized that some blocks in the Dollhouse could be an anagram for A's real name) takes a gamble and asks "Charles" to crown himself prom king, and it turns out she's right on target. As Charles (aka A) emerges from the crowd of mannequins, Aria kills the power and the liars make their escape –– but Spencer takes a quick detour to Charles' room and realizes that he spends his free-time playing home movies starring Ali's family. Mysterious....

The liars and Mona eventually make their way outside, but the problem? They're in an electric fenced-in pen in the middle of nowhere, which means there's truly no way to escape Charles' clutches! All in all a pretty intense finale episode with a lot of unsolved mysteries, and you better believe we have some burning questions...

1. Is Andrew Campbell working for A or pulling an Ezra and doing his own research to help out the liars?
2. Who is Charles and is he related to Ali's family?
3. How are the liars going to escape their pen?
4. A wasn't technically revealed, but we do know this mystery man is a brand new character. Any guesses as to who Charles is?!