Woman in Gold - The Remarkable True Story Behind the Movie
One of Gustav Klimt's most famous paintings was stolen right off the walls of a Jewish family's home in Vienna by the Nazis. That's the all-too-true story behind "Woman in Gold," which stars Helen Mirren as Maria Altmann, the Jewish woman from Vienna who took the Austrian government to court for ownership of Klimt's portrait of Altmann's beloved aunt.

Ryan Reynolds co-stars as the young lawyer who finds a new meaning in his work and his life by taking on Altmann's cause, which became a landmark case for the Supreme Court before proceeding to Austria. "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I" wasn't the only work of art the Nazis stole from her family, or even the only Klimt, but "Woman in Gold" held particular value for Altmann because of the portrait's subject, her beloved Aunt Adele.

Daniel Bruhl plays the late Hubertus Czernin, an Austrian journalist who works to help Altmann and Schoenberg (Reynolds). Tatiana Maslany plays the young Maria Altmann, alongside Max Irons as her husband. Maslany speaks German throughout her performance -- what can't the "Orphan Black" star do?

This exclusive clip gives a little behind-the-scenes look at Maria Altmann's story and her fight for justice.

"Woman in Gold" opens April 1.
Woman in Gold