Creepy clown dolls are never a good investment, as proven by the new trailer for the upcoming "Poltergeist" reboot.

That terrifying object is just one of many that will make you jump in this clip, which centers around the paranormal investigator (Jared Harris) who comes into the Bowen home to help them get back their daughter, Maddie (Kennedi Clements), who's been kidnapped by the titular tormentor.

"This isn't just a few pissed off spirits," Harris not-so-helpfully explains. "It's a poltergeist."

The spirit causes hallucinations, odd electrical surges, and objects to move freely about the house, preying up the Bowens' predisposed fears to make their lives a living hell. Harris urges the family to clear their minds (not unlike in "Ghostbusters," before Dan Aykroyd unwittingly summons the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man), though it seems the Bowens are still in for a world of trouble.

"Poltergeist" also stars Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell. It's due in theaters on May 22.

Photo credit: YouTube