She's baaa-ack! Emily Thorne recently reclaimed her identity as Amanda Clarke, but her new lease on life isn't exactly going as planned. Despite coming clean as David Clarke's daughter, there are still tons of skeletons in Em's closet (along with a bunch of Stella McCartney dresses), and Victoria Grayson is aiming to expose them. This week on a slightly clip show-esque episode of "Revenge," Victoria set her sights on taking Emily down once and for all –– and she has a new minion!

Emily Swipes Left On Her Haters

Emily Thorne might be a full blown vigilante, but Amanda Clarke isn't exactly a saint. Despite changing her name, Emily still has to live with the fact that she's been ruining lives with her red sharpie for the past four years. This girl has a mile-long list of haters, and it looks like Tom Kingsly (a corrupt prosecutor from the early days of "Revenge") is rounding them up. Naturally, when Emily has a problem, yo she'll solve it, so she slips into a white power suit and puts Tom in his place with the help of her pops. See? Problem = solved.

Louise Flirts With the Enemy

Much like everyone else in The Hamptons, Louise Ellis is out for revenge! This Southern belle wants to punish Nolan for keeping secrets (like Em's real identity, for example), and she plans to use the contents of his hard drive to ruin him. With Victoria's help (plus that of some poor, nerdy college student), Louise hacks into Nolan's computer and learns the extent of his lies. The question? Will she idly watch Victoria take down her husband, or stand by her man?

Oh, and speaking of Nolan, Emily is furious that her BFF allowed his computer to get hacked, so she leaps into action and offers to give a live exclusive TV interview to stop her secrets from being exposed –– with one condition: Victoria's side of the story can't be told. Emily muses on all kinds of clip-show appropriate details about her life (so many flashbacks!), but the biggest takeaway is her defamation of Victoria's character –– not to mention the fact that she vaguely accuses Queen V of being a murderer!

Ben Isn't Here For Amanda Clarke

As we all know, Jack Porter is the most tragic man on earth, but he officially has a reason to turn that frown upside down! Officer Ben Hunter is furious that Emily lied to him, and now they might be broken up. Only time will tell whether Jack can stop fondling sea glass and weeping long enough to swoop in and steal Emily's heart.

In other news, Margaux LeMarchal finally tells Victoria that Emily didn't actually push her in front of a taxi, but she's still on board with ruining Em's life, so ya know. The usual!

And now, a few burning questions....

1. Seriously, how is Nolan's computer so easy to hack into? Isn't he a tech genius?

2. Will Ben and Emily get back together, or is this finally Jack's chance?

3. Will Victoria go through with her plan to release Nolan's files, or will Em's TV interview stop her in her stiletto tracks?