A judge will not let this "Frozen" lawsuit gooooooooo, so a trial has been tentatively scheduled for October. What's going on? Last March 2014, Kelly Wilson brought a copyright lawsuit against Disney, arguing that the "Frozen" trailer was a little too similar to her short computer animated film, "The Snowman." You'd think it would be easy for Disney's legal team to freeze just about anyone out, but they failed in the first attempt to have the lawsuit tossed and they just failed a second attempt.

This time, the arguments included a whole analysis of YouTube records, and tracking whether anyone from the "Frozen" team could've seen "The Snowman" online or at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The judge noted that "The Snowman" screened four times at the SanFran festival, and Pixar employees who were heavily involved with "Frozen" attended that event. "The connection between The Snowman and people involved in creating the Frozen trailer is fairly close," the judge wrote (via EW).

The judge decided a reasonable jury could go either way, so this puppy is currently poised for court. Will it ever really see trial? We don't knowwww, we don't knowwww! (Sorry).