sean bean as eddard stark in game of thronesWe get it George R. R. Martin: Westeros is awful. It's full of diseases, kidnappers, rapists, backstabbers (actual stabbers), and -- most of all -- untimely, sometimes heartrending deaths. It's been made perfectly clear that Martin has no problem killing off even the most beloved of characters, thusly filling every episode of "Game of Thrones" with a sense of dread unmatched by anything else on TV. (Well, except "The Walking Dead" -- that show is f***ed up. But I digress...)

So, it's with a heavy heart that we present the following list of bygone characters -- some of whom we loved, and some of whom we loved to hate -- in the hopes that you help us rank Westeros's most beloved (and detested) deceased. Just click the arrow-thingies to cast your vote. RIP, everyone.