Jurassic World - Trailer No. 2
Well, if you weren't already pee-your-pants excited for "Jurassic World," that is about to change with the release of the brand new, "global" trailer for the sequel (the fourth in the franchise), opening June 12th. This trailer is insane, finally giving us a look at the new super predator (the Indominus Rex), B.D. Wong's return to the franchise (quietly sinister geneticist alert), and Jake Johnson as what we can only assume is some kind of computer nerd (that mustache though). If you're purposefully been keeping yourself out of the loop on "Jurassic World," then you probably shouldn't watch this trailer, but if you are a fan of dinosaur-filled mayhem, well, get ready – the park is open.

What makes this trailer such a sensation is the way that it really establishes just how wrong things are going to go. Again, the trailer focuses a lot on Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), a wise-cracking dinosaur tamer. Bryce Dallas Howard is Claire Dearing, the park operations manager and Grady's former flame. "Corporate thought genetic modification could up the wow factor," she explains. "They're dinosaurs –wow enough?" Grady shoots back. Then it's almost all about this new monster: she killed her brother, clawed out her tracking implant, kills countless security personnel, communicates with other dinosaurs, and generally makes life a living hell for all those nice tourists visiting the island. (Apparently getting off the island is a big problem, Vincent D'Onofrio's security chief explains that "You've got 20,000 people, you've got no more boats, and you don't have enough guns.") Cue Pratt taking control of his raptors and going after the big bad beast. And if that wasn't enough the trailer ends with a water dinosaur coming out of the water and eating a pterodactyl. Truly, we live in an amazing age.

Producer Steven Spielberg certainly went out on a limb choosing Colin Trevorrow, whose previous film was the micro-budgeted "Safety Not Guaranteed," to helm a project of this immense scale and scope, but it looks like the gamble paid off. (I mean did you see Jake Johnson's mustache?) No film in the franchise had successfully recreated the original's potent mixture of awe and terror... Until, it seems, "Jurassic World." We can't wait.

"Jurassic World" opens on June 12th.