There's so much plotting and scheming going on in "Revenge," we don't know how these people have time to eat lobster rolls and bury bodies. This week, Victoria Grayson and Margaux LeMarchal plotted to take down Emily Thorne, and the results were explosive –– in the most literal way possible. Check out Moviefone's recap to find out who died, who was diagnosed with a fatal illness, and who's moving to L.A.!

Victoria Makes A Fatal Decision

The press is destroying Victoria's life thanks to Emily, so she teams up with Margaux and Louise Ellis to salvage what's left of her reputation. Of course, Margaux hates Louise with a fiery passion (probably because she tried to murder her in a steam room), but they're forced to work together after Victoria gets punched in the stomach by a hooded figure in a parking lot (as ya do).

Margaux's plan is simple: to invite the Feds to Victoria's hotel and use the hard drive from Nolan's computer to expose Emily's lies. But please, Em's one step ahead as usual. She stages a fire at Victoria's hotel and easily steals the hard drive, causing Victoria to have a total psychotic break. This former Hamptons' Matriarch just can't even anymore, so she decides to end her war with Em once and for all –– by killing herself. In a truly shocking moment, Victoria changes into a sparkly red dress, breaks into Emily's house, and literally blows the entire place up while sitting in her throne. Is she dead? Only time will tell, but not even Victoria is fire-proof.

Jack Leaves On A Jet Plane, Don't Know When He'll Be Back Again

Jack Porter has so many feelings these days, most of which have to do with his unrequited love for Emily. Unfortunately, Em's dating Officer Ben Hunter –– but she decides to take a break from their relationship because she has so much on her plate (read: he's extremely needy). You'd think Jack would take this opportunity to once again declare his love for Emily, but instead he decides to pack up his bags and move to Los Angeles. Huh?!

Before you start sobbing hysterically and screaming "Jaaaaaack," know this: Nolan gives Emily a pep talk and convinces her that she's actually in love with her childhood bestie (awkward side note: Ben hears their entire conversation). The bad news is that she doesn't make it to the airport in time to stop Jack, and instead she's greeted by Mason Treadwell, who basically spends ten minutes making her feel terrible about herself.

Nolan Finds Love, David Makes A Shocking Announcement
Nolan and his new social worker boyfriend, Tony, are getting pretty chummy –– but Louise is intent on ruining their relationship. She shows up to a charity event to humiliate her ex-hubby and his new man, but don't worry –– Tony forgives and forgets! Frankly, it's great to see Nolan so happy. Especially when everyone else is, you know, exploding.

'Revenge': David's Shocking News

In other news, David and his facial hair have been spending a lot of time with Stevie (aka Jack Porter's mom), and he breaks some unexpected news to her during their bonding session: he has lymphoma. David doesn't tell Emily about his diagnosis, so expect that emotional bombshell to drop sometime in the coming weeks.

And now for some burning questions....
1. Is David Clarke going to die? Because there doesn't seem to be any narrative reason the show's writers would give him cancer, unless they're planning to kill him off.
2. Is Jack being written off "Revenge"? If he doesn't come back from L.A. to declare his love for Emily yet again, life as we know it will never be the same.
3. Is Victoria dead –– or is this yet another fake out? What. Is. Happening.
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