See Which Fan Favorite Got the Boot on 'DWTS'
It's Spring Break on Dancing with the Stars and everyone's got their spangled beachwear on. It's also another excuse for the show to bring out those weird dancing crabs, which Tom Bergeron tells us the show is apparently stuck with all season. Poor Sasha has worn the dopey crab suit five times already, causing Tom to tell him he needs to find a new agent.

It's a busy night, as the dancers all have two dances tonight: their duet, and a team dance. Tensions are high in many of the packages (of course), but the dancers all do very well in their routines. Good thing too, because next week is going to shake things up with a double elimination (dun dun Dunn!). They're zipping through this season, and it looks like they've abandoned the switch-up idea, unfortunately.

Before getting into my top dances, I just want to say how much I love Julianne Hough as a judge. She brings such joy and energy to the ballroom, but she also gives really great, constructive criticism, often pointing out important and crystal clear suggestions for the dancers to work on. I also love Carrie Ann, but she's been with the show for a long time. Julianne brings a new dynamic that's refreshing. My only question is, what's up with Julianne's mic this week? They must have hidden it under her dress or something, because it caused sound problems.

Here's my top 5 dances:

Nastia & Derek's Tango: I was concerned, based on the package, that this tango would be way too fast, with too much crammed into it. I mentioned in Week 2 that Derek stuffs a lot into his choreography and I'd love for him to relax a little. But this routine isn't that bad. There's a lot of content, but it doesn't necessarily feel rushed to me. Len, however, disagrees-most emphatically, turning very red in the face. He feels there's too much happening and not enough variation in mood or dynamic. Nastia is so beautiful and makes it look easy, but I really appreciate Carrie Ann's comments: Nastia needs to embrace this new form and allow herself to dance, rather than going back to her gymnastics training. I remember Shawn Johnson became an absolutely beautiful dancer; not just a technician, but an artist. Nastia isn't quite there yet. Score: 34

Willow & Mark's Salsa: Mark's Whiplash school jazz band concept doesn't lend much to the routine, but it's ok, because the dancing holds its own. I prefer that the concept not detract from or overwhelm the dancing anyway, so it's just as well. Willow looks great in this salsa, dancing well, and as Carrie Ann says, is sexy without being over the top. She does need to watch her knees (as Len points out), which bend and disturb the line, especially going into the lifts. But she's adorable, looks great, and clearly has fun. I wonder if her extra rib helps her with her dancing. Score: 34

Noah & Sharna's Rumba: This is actually my favorite dance tonight, because the choreography is stunning. I love how Sharna interprets the lyrics (such as the waves and feet not touching the ground) without being heavy-handed or obvious. There's a mistake there that we can't see, except that everything stops short, but the rest of the routine is beautiful. I also really appreciate Noah mentioning the package, and the producers zeroing in on those few moments of tension in an otherwise probably smooth and successful week. He's clearly not used to being in a "reality" show. I do think they deserve better scores though. Score: 29

Riker & Allison's Samba: I just love Riker so much, and I'm totally with Carrie Ann: I'm fangirling over him in a rather ridiculous way. It's not difficult for me to fangirl, I do it plenty, but I still didn't expect to. Good for Allison for holding out for a new song, though. I really appreciate that, because I always wonder who chooses the music; the choreographers often seem restricted by the songs they're given. I don't know this song, but it works well for this samba, which is lengthy and full of content. Riker's so great, looking strong, confident, and sexy. He's a good match for Allison. Len needs to be more specific in his critique though, because I'm not sure what his problem is with Riker. He just sounds grumpy. Score: 37 (first place!)

Team Yolo: The package made Team Yolo look like they were headed for serious trouble (wait, that's the other team). But of course it's no problem. Nastia isn't around for most of the week, with her and Derek flying back and forth to New York, but she's such a pro that of course she can pull it out last minute and make it look good. Everyone else really pulls their weight too, and the routine is fun and flawless. Great choreography, a fun, entertaining routine, and clean lifts. And Sharna doesn't clock her head on the floor like she did in rehearsal, thank goodness. A near perfect Score: 39

The rest:

Patti & Artem's Quickstep: This is an odd performance. I'm confused by Patti kicking her shoe off because it looks so intentional, but then she has to do the dance with only one shoe. Apparently, she was supposed to kick both shoes off, but the first one wouldn't fly. Strange. She actually looks pretty good doing the dance-what there is of it. It takes a very long time to get into the quickstep, and it's a fairly simple dance of mostly trotting. But her energy is pretty good and her steps clean. She also puts in a plug for her sauces, and gets Tom to go shoeless for a while too. Score: 29

Robert & Kym's Jive: Robert gets totally fired up from his low scores last week, and his jive is much better than his quickstep-but unfortunately, that's not saying too much. But he's definitely a fighter and gives it everything he has this week. The routine is difficult and long, with lots of good content, and he keeps up with it well and keeps his energy high. His timing is off, especially on the triple steps, and he loses his footing on the kicks. I do think he deserves a slightly better score though. I'm also trying to remember if they've done a Grease routine yet, because Kym reminds me of Olivia Newton-John, and I don't think it's because she's Australian. Erin needs to let go of the whole making-out theme though. They're slimy enough as it is. Score: 28 (last place)

Rumer & Val's Jazz: Thank you Julianne and Carrie Ann! They both say exactly what I'm thinking: this routine is underwhelming. Len thinks so too, reminding us that this is "the ballroom, not the bedroom" (how has he never said that before?), but I think we all expect that from Len. Rumer is capable of so much more, and this routine has way too much strutting and posing and not nearly enough dancing. It's simplistic and boring, and I think it's something of a copout for Val to blame the song. Bruno likes it though, calling it "Raunchalicious"-but I'm not sure that's a good thing. I love seeing Len's reaction when Julianne actually gives a lower score than he does. Score: 32

Chris & Witney's Viennese Waltz: Carrie Ann mentions that the women in the audience are all in love with Chris after this sweet, romantic waltz. Good thing I'm not in the ballroom, because I just find it ok. He looks pretty good, but his timing isn't always on, and Witney definitely does more dancing in this routine than he does. Granted, Viennese waltz is a difficult dance because it's so fast, and he's not a dancer, but somehow I want more. The piglet in a bikini is cute, but also a bit disconcerting. Score: 31

Team Trouble: I'm surprised. Team Trouble is so confident in their package that I thought it would completely backfire on them and they might also have problems. But no, they do a clean, entertaining routine. I especially love Riker and Allison's nerdy hip-hop section with its awesome tutting, and the stepping section with Patti's hamboning is terrific. But Team Yolo gave such a fun, high energy routine that I didn't think Team Trouble would match them. But they do, tying them with a near perfect Score: 39.

Before the team dances, Tom and Erin reveal the four couples in jeopardy: Noah & Sharna, Robert & Kym, Patti & Artem-and Riker & Allison! I'm very surprised, and nervous, to see my favorite in trouble, especially given that Bachelor Chris is again scot-free. Fortunately, it's fine, as Noah, and then Riker, is pronounced safe. You can tell by the looks on their faces that Robert and Kym expect to go home next, and boy are they surprised when Patti is eliminated instead. I'm surprised too, but I'm also glad. I'm growing a little weary of the Patti shuffle.

So what do you think, dance fans? Are you surprised, or disappointed, to see Miss Patti go? Which team did you like better? Which are your favorite dances tonight?