Tomorrowland - Trailer No. 3
"You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Those very true words are uttered by George Clooney near the end of a terrific new trailer for "Tomorrowland," Brad Bird's futuristic sci-fi movie about which we know very little.

The trailer doesn't clear up a whole lot, but it does give us an extended look at a cool action sequence after curious teen Britt Robertson meets genius recluse Clooney. She's got a special pin that transports her to an amazing world - one that she knows Clooney has visited. But a band of menacing soldiers are hot on her heels, and the two frantically run through his booby trap-laden house to escape ... via bathtub!

While the marketing for "Tomorrowland" has kept its plot close to the vest, there will be a six-minute preview running with IMAX screenings of "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Maybe it'll shed more details.

"Tomorrowland" opens in theaters May 22.