meredith and derek on grey's anatomyWARNING: This post contains SPOILERS about last week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

Just because a major character has been killed off doesn't mean fans won't want them to come back, however improbable such a return may be. Now that's the case with ABC drama "Grey's Anatomy," which offed beloved doctor Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in last Thursday's episode, spurring a fan revolt.

The show is on the receiving end of a petition launched on, begging creator Shonda Rhimes and ABC to "Bring Dr. Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd BACK!!!" In a long, caps- and exclamation point-filled screed, petitioner Courtney Williams pleads with Rhimes directly, ranting and raving about the cruelty of Derek's death and how it blindsided loyal fans of the show, many of whom have been watching for the series's entire decade-long run.

"You've destroyed us. COMPLETELY!" Williams wrote. "Why Shonda, Why? Why would you do us like this? Dedicated and die-hard fans! We DO NOT deserve this!"

Williams goes on to say that Rhimes and co. can -- and should -- explain away Derek's death as merely a dream or a hallucination. As it stands now, Williams writes, the fans -- who are allegedly "not sleeping nor eating because of this tragic turn of events" -- are ready to revolt.

"You HAVE TO BRING DEREK BACK! NOW! IMMEDIATELY!" the petition states. " ... We should sue. Because this is just wrong! ... You do NOT get to toy with our lives and emotions like this Shonda, NO! That is NOT RIGHT! How do you sleep at night?!?!!"

We assume that Rhimes sleeps just fine. And unfortunately for Williams and her 72,000-plus supporters, it looks like the petition is meaningless. As Dempsey himself explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show can and will continue just fine without him.

"I think any time an original cast member has left, there's always a void that will never be filled," the actor told EW. "Shepherd is a beloved character. People don't want to lose him. He's been in their lives for over 10 years. But it goes on, and it will evolve."

Check out the entire petition here.

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