'The Wedding Singer' Rapping Granny Ellen Albertini Dow Dies At Age 101
Ellen Albertini Dow, the scene-stealing actress who blossomed on both the big and small screens late in life and gave a memorable rapping performance in "The Wedding Singer," has died. She was 101.

Albertini Dow's incredible life began in Pennsylvania in 1913, and she studied acting and mime alongside industry legends including Martha Graham and Marcel Marceau. She and her husband, Eugene Dow, started the theater program at Pierce College in California, where she taught until she retired in 1985.

But Albertini Dow didn't stop there. She started taking acting classes at the American Film Institute and began a career in her 70s, scoring roles in television series including the 1980s reboot of "The Twilight Zone." She went on to appear on television numerous times throughout the next few decades of her life, including guest spots on series such as "Moonlighting," "Murphy Brown," "The Golden Girls," "The Wonder Years," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "ER," "Seinfeld," "Will &Grace," "Cold Case," "Hannah Montana," "My Name Is Earl," "Scrubs," "Six Feet Under," and "Family Guy." Her most recent television work was on "New Girl" in 2013.

Albertini Dow was also a prolific film actress, too, appearing in "My Blue Heaven," "Sister Act" and "Sister Act 2," "Eight Crazy Nights," and "Wedding Crashers." But it was her role in 1998's "The Wedding Singer" that fans will perhaps remember most. The actress stole the show as Rosie, a sweet older woman who took piano lessons from Adam Sandler's character to surprise her husband with a rendition of "Till There Was You."

While Rosie did indeed sing that song, she also busted out a perfect take on the Sugarhill Gang's hit "Rapper's Delight," a performance that delighted characters in the film and audiences at home alike. Albertini Dow's sprightly rendition also featured on "The Wedding Singer"'s soundtrack, which went double platinum.

We'll miss seeing Albertini Dow light up the screen with her infectious energy and enormous talent. Here's to a life well-lived.

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