'Dancing With the Stars': Chris Soules's Last Dance on DWTS
Welcome back, dance fans! It's the "Dancing with the Stars" results show, and the dreaded double elimination that they've been promising for two weeks (since a scheduling conflict bumped it from last week to tonight). It's ridiculous and embarrassing how nervous I am about this elimination, but the way last week went down, I can't help it. America, you better not mess it up.

But first, there's a bunch of filler-and a whole lot of audience screaming-to get through. Len and the judges choose Rumer and Val's paso doble trio with Artem as the encore dance, and it's as impressive as it was last night, if not even stronger. Tom and Erin also reveal what we all know to be true: Rumer and Val are safe. It seems obvious not just because they're great dancers, but because they're first to get their results.

I'm so glad the producers finally listened to the fans and brought back Dance Center. I for one have missed it, as it's always been a highlight of the show. Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice team up with Len again for commentaries on the contestants, and it does not disappoint. Kenny's sequined design looks like a crater on his face, but he does some great bits, and the contestants are really good sports to take such abuse. We also get to learn cool facts about the contestants; like, I'm actually relieved to learn that Riker is 23. I thought he was 18 (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's also worth it just to see Len in a boa and tiara.

Performances help the evening fly by, as Josh Groban, Maddie Ziegler, and friends take us over the rainbow with a lovely, classically lyrical piece that's miles away from the stuff Maddie does with Sia, and Carly Rae Jepsen takes us back to the 1980s with her synth-pop hit "I Really Like You" (not to mention her backup dancer, Annie Lennox). Not that that's a problem either; the '80s are totally my decade.

Travis Wall's brilliant dance company, Shaping Sound, does a thrilling number where they climb up and down the walls, and on each other. It's awesome to see Allison do modern again. She is such a star.

Mid-way through the evening, Tom and Erin announce the first of the eliminations, and the second couple through to the semi-finals after Rumer and Val. Fortunately, it's the correct result too: Noah moves on while Robert & Kym are eliminated. Later, we find out that Nastia and Derek are also safe, but Riker and Allison join Chris and Witney in jeopardy. This is where it's really nerve-wracking. I know Riker is the better dancer, by leaps and bounds (get it?), but you just never know how things will turn out. I really want to cry just knowing Riker's in the bottom, but I hold it together, and thank goodness, we get the correct results: Riker is staying, while Chris is on his way out.

With the breath of relief for Riker, I can now feel some sympathy for Chris. He seems like such a sweet guy, and he really appreciated and learned from the experience. It's wonderful to see that. But it's even more wonderful to know the two weak links are out and the stronger dancers have survived.

So what do you think, dance fans? Are you surprised by these results? Were you as nervous as I about the eliminations? Who do you predict will take the mirror ball trophy?