Maggie - Clip No. 1
Prepare to get freaked out just by the mood of this unnerving clip from the zombie movie "Maggie," which opens this Friday, May 8.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has top billing in the independent horror drama about a father standing by the side of his daughter, who becomes infected in a cannibalistic outbreak, but Ahhhhnold is nowhere to be found in this scene. Instead, it focuses on the titular Maggie, played by a terrified Abigail Breslin, and it doesn't take a lot of context to see that she's in deep poop with that cut on her hand.

Joely Richardson's Caroline tells us most of what we need to know in her expression -- that this is no ordinary wound -- and the music and scene-setting of Henry Hobson's film cover the rest. We only see 41 seconds here, but they make an impact. Still, this isn't meant to be a "Dawn of the Dead" or "World War Z" style action movie, it's a darker, more thoughtful, emotional story. Think, maybe, BBC's "In the Flesh" more than AMC's "The Walking Dead."
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