"Revenge" is officially over, which means we're in mourning –– aka eating our emotions in the form of expensive seafood while writing this recap. After four dramatic seasons full of twists, turns and amazing fashion, Emily Thorne's story has finally wrapped up –– and the show ended on a surprisingly satisfying note. Let's just say Emily's revengenda is complete.

Check out our recap to find out which characters bit the dust (spoiler alert: there were two deaths!) and whether or not Emily got the last laugh on ABC's "Revenge."

Victoria Attends Her Own Funeral, Remains Cray-Cray

So, Margaux is literally insane. Last week, this deranged magazine mogul killed Officer Ben Hunter in cold blood (correction: she hired Courtney Love to kill him), and this week she spent most of her time trying to help Victoria stay faux dead. And speaking of Victoria, The Hamptons OG Queen Bee is totally alive, and casually announces that the corpse she passed off as her own belonged to her mother. So yes, much like Margaux she's completely crazy –– which is only further proven when she shows up at her own funeral looking nuts in a red wig.

Thanks to Victoria realizing that her children have zero effs to give about her death, she decides to tell Louise Ellis the truth. To be honest, it's a sweet moment –– but then Louise calls her "mama" and it's all extremely weird. Shudder.

Emily Breaks Out of a High Security Prison #casual

After failing to expose Victoria's lies, Emily realizes that the only way to get out of jail is to admit she murdered Victoria. The catch? Pleading guilty allows Em to move into a maximum security prison that Nolan can easily break her out of (#NerdSkills), and she and Jack immediately hit up the home of Victoria's mom for some sleuthing.

So...wondering if Emily and Jack finally have sex? The answer is yes, and it's completely horrifying due to the fact that they get frisky in the bed belonging to Victoria's dead mom. Of course first they muse about their friendship, Jack's dead dog, Sammy (RIP, long-suffering friend), and the uncertainty of their future. Honestly, it's kind of cute –– despite the fact that Jack's facial hair is at an all time low.

Unfortunately, Em and Jack's afternoon delight is ruined by Courtney Love (psh, typical Courtney), who Margaux hires to haul Emily back to jail. Even more unfortunately, Courtney Love ends up stabbing Jack because Em is out getting proof of Victoria's fake death –– but fear not, a team of manly policemen come and save him.

Margaux and Louise Finally See The Light

After getting stabbed in the stomach by Courtney Love (how amazing is that sentence?), Jack ends up in the hospital and asks David Clarke for Emily's hand in marriage. Shockingly, he says yes. Meanwhile, Emily gets help from an unlikely ally: Louise! This southern belle tells Emily where Victoria is staying, and Em shows up in her lair to kill her. The catch? David follows Emily and shoots Victoria to save his daughter's soul, which means he's going to jail. BUT WAIT. A random gunman swoops in and shoots Emily!

Meanwhile, Nolan takes care of Margaux by breaking into her office and being like "Hi, hater," prompting Margs to do the right thing and turn herself into the police. Unfortunately, Nolan's hand gets stabbed by Courtney Love in the process (ugh, #COURTNEYLOVEPROBLEMS), but hey –– totally worth it.

One Wedding and a Funeral

Fast forward a few weeks and Charlotte and Emily (who definitely isn't dead) are visiting the grave of their dad, which means David Clarke finally succumbed to cancer. And yes, there's a double infinity sign on his grave. We get a chance to flash-back on the last moments of David's life and he's able to tell Em that he's going to die a happy man. Annnnnd, crying.

This is definitely a bitter-sweet way to end "Revenge" after four seasons, but having Emily saved by her father's love was a great feel-good note to go out on. Oh, and let's not forget the best part of the show's final minutes: Nolan walks Emily down the aisle as she marries Jack, and then the happy couple hop on a boat to parts unknown. Sure, Em has recurring nightmares that Victoria's heart is transplanted in her body, but at least she has Jack's goatee to make her feel better.

P.S. If you're wondering about Nolan, it looks like he's going to live life helping others get revenge. Like a boss!

P.P.S. Hands up if you think Victoria's heart is actually in Emily's body?