Samantha Bee, TBS The Daily Show," is heading up the basic cable dial for her very own late night talk show on TBS, and the network has just unveiled the first promo for the series.

In the clip, Bee is surveying a wall of photos of all the current crop of late night talk show hosts, who also all happen to be male (and white, though that's about to change with incoming "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah). The comedienne is then offered a plate of sausages by a passing waiter, who not-so-coincidentally pairs each with a specific host, comparing "The Tonight Show"'s Jimmy Fallon to a mild link while calling HBO star (and Bee's former "Daily Show" castmate) John Oliver an "English banger."

But Bee decides she's "done with sausages," declaring, "I am female as f--k." It's a hilarious and succinct nod to the tone her as-yet-untitled show will take, and leaves viewers wanting more. (Okay, and a little hungry, too.)

Check out the delicious clip below.

Photo credit: Turner

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