Steve Jobs - Trailer No. 1
Another Steve Jobs movie? Already? That seems to be the main knee-jerk reaction to the first "Steve Jobs" trailer, which was released May 17 during the big "Mad Men" finale. The Ashton Kutcher movie "Jobs" came out in 2013 and pretty much bombed. This new "Steve Jobs" movie stars Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet, with a high-profile team including director Danny Boyle and writer Aaron Sorkin. It looks like classic Oscar bait, and some fans seem to think that's why it exists, while others think it could be a palate-cleanser after the failure of "Jobs."

The new trailer makes Jobs seem like a rock star, focusing on his back facing an empty theater -- then an adoring audience -- and hides that Fassbender is even playing the role until the final shots.

Here are some early reactions:
  • "So, was Ashton Kutcher's version a 2 hr long trailer 'til they got a stronger cast?"
  • "Soooo, we're just gonna forget about "Jobs" with Ashton Kutcher...guess so."
  • "So are they gonna keep remaking this til one gets an Oscar or something?"
  • "How do they keep making steve jobs movies? There have been like 6 movies. Bet they're just using the same script and swapping out actors"
  • "Is there anyone else who liked the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs or am I alone or something?"
  • "Yes Ashton Kutcher looked more like Steve Jobs, But this movie will be superior. Cant wait. :]"
  • "Do we really need another Jobs movie a couple years after the Ashton Kutcher one?"
  • "I have to say Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutcher looked almost identical to Steve. It's just a shame that Ashton Kutcher is a pretty terrible actor."

Yes, really. It's a shame this one is coming out after the Kutcher version, since the names involved (especially Boyle and Sorkin) give us more hope for the storytelling. But because of its second place status, "Steve Jobs" will continue to be compared to "Jobs." (Maybe that'll end up boosting its status.) "Steve Jobs" will be released on October 9, 2015, four days after the fourth anniversary of the Apple founder's death.

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