'Dancing With the Stars': Rumer Willis's Perfect Freestyle in the Finals
It's here, dance fans! The "Dancing with the Stars" finals have arrived, and everyone brought their A-game. It's going to be a really difficult competition. I even voted.

It's an exciting night, and not just because it's the finals. I always look forward to the freestyle dances. They must be so much more difficult for the pros now. For one, as Sharna said, everyone knows that the freestyle can win the competition for the team, but it's harder to make the freestyle unique. When the show started, they rarely strayed from ballroom styles, so the freestyle really stood out as an "anything goes" performance. Now that they frequently do contemporary, jazz, disco, even hip-hop on the show, standout freestyles are harder to achieve, and there's pressure to go super big.

The contestants start tonight with encore presentations of their favorite dance from the season, and a chance to increase their original score for that dance. All three stars show improvement in their dances and their scores, making the competition that much tougher.

With only 6 dances tonight, I'm not going to choose a top 5—especially because it's such a difficult choice. Riker is still my guy, but Noah's and Rumer's freestyles are both so beautiful that I can't pick only one.

Noah & Sharna's Week 3 Argentine Tango: Noah and Sharna's week 3 argentine tango is still good fun. I like the music more than I remember, and there's definitely some improvement in Noah's dancing. He looks smoother, more confident, and even shows expression on his face. The lifts are a little rough, especially the final pose (he lifted Sharna off the ground last time), but I imagine the nerves are going overboard for tonight's finals. I realize he's rarely shown his nervousness before. It's impressive. His score is slightly improved too, earning two more points from last time. Score: 32

Riker & Allison's Disney Week Paso Doble: Riker and Allison's week 5 "Pirates of the Caribbean" paso is just as exciting as it was the first time. That music still stands on its own, but it's fun to see the movements go with it. As Julianne mentions, Riker has much more control over his movements, and I don't fear for Allison's safety like I did last time. He's still high energy, but has control over that energy. I love that he is in character as Captain Jack from the start of the show, straight up through his interview with Erin Andrews. He's so adorable, and definitely found a new fan in me. I'll be keeping up with him after the show is over. He totally wows the judges this time too, earning a perfect Score: 40

Rumer & Val's Week 1 Fox Trot: This fox-trot is even more beautiful than it was in week 1, and largely because Rumer enjoys it more. Just as I start thinking I want her to relax her face again—it seems like she makes the selfie duck-face all the time—she comes out with a big beautiful smile in the second half of the routine. It's a little incongruous with the music, but she lights up the ballroom and actually looks like she's enjoying herself. It's wonderful. The judges notice it too, awarding her a perfect Score: 40

Noah & Sharna's Freestyle: Wow. This is so beautiful, and very powerful. They say in the package several times that it will be powerful, so I hate to agree with them, but it is. Sharna's exquisite choreography really allows Noah to shine, and the backing dancers don't detract from him at all. It's more like a solo with backing dancers than a duet. I love his torso work, and he's amazingly strong, holding Sharna up after the other dancers walk away. Truly moving. The judges are blown away too, awarding Noah a perfect Score: 40

Riker & Allison's Freestyle: Allison throws a number of dance styles (hip-hop, lindy hop, fox-trot) into her freestyle with Riker, but keeps it firmly planted in elegant Fred and Ginger classicism. Riker looks dashing in his white tux, and is such a wonderful performer, embodying the class and style of the period. His bar work is just a tiny bit off time, but fortunately the judges don't notice, awarding him another perfect Score: 40

Rumer & Val's Freestyle: Val decides to ignore the pressure to do something bigger and more complicated for his freestyle with Rumer, instead stripping it down to him and his partner, just dancing. It's a great call, and this largely Argentine tango is beautiful. He's a bit handsy in the routine, but it's also sexy and hot, with spicy cool choreography. She's gorgeous, and dancing flawlessly. It's exciting. The judges love it too, of course. Score: 40

So, the top two couples, Riker & Allison and Rumer & Val, are tied at the top with a perfect 80 score, while underdogs Noah & Sharna are just 8 points behind. It's anyone's guess who takes the trophy tomorrow night. As much as I'm hoping it will be Riker, I suspect Rumer will run away with it. It'll be thrilling to see how it all shakes out.

What do you think, dance fans? Do you have a favorite dance tonight? Who do you want to win tomorrow night? Who do you think will win? Do they match?