Honest Trailers: 'Jupiter Ascending'
Weirdly enough, Screen Junkies' absolute evisceration of "Jupiter Ascending" may make you want to watch it even more. It looks like one of the best (unintentional) comedies of the year. So send them some thank you flowers, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum!

Here's the start of Screen Junkies' latest Honest Trailer:

From the directors of The Matrix and nothing else worth mentioning comes the last time anyone will give The Wachowskis money -- 'Jupiter Ascending.' Look out, Scientology, there's a ridiculous new space opera in town and it makes even less sense than 'Battlefield Earth.' So full of such terrible performances, stupid dialogue, and ridiculous characters that it's actually kind of hilarious."

This Honest Trailer is more than kind of hilarious; as usual, the sharp critiques are not only witty, they're insightful and nail the key issues. As they note: "If you've been waiting for a female sci-fi lead character on par with Ripley or Sarah Connor, get ready ... to keep waiting, as Mila Kunis spends the entire movie getiting saved, cleaning toilets, getting saved again, desperately trying to bone her savior, getting saved again, playing dress up, cleaning more toilets, and looking bored."

Watch the 5 minute 30 second takedown if you want the whole story spoiled so you don't have to see the movie yourself. Not that the plot description will do anything but confuse you further.

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