The heartwarming story of a young leukemia survivor getting his wish to be Batman for a day is coming to the big screen, and a new trailer for "Batkid Begins" takes a closer look at the planning of the event, as well as the intense, passionate reaction that it elicited across the globe.

The documentary focuses on Miles Scott, a then-5-year-old who had just finished treatment for leukemia in the fall of 2013. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles requested to become Batman, a challenge that was met with some creative brainstorming, ultimately culminating in the city of San Francisco transforming into Gotham for a day and Miles saving a damsel in distress and fighting off villains, surrounding by thousands of cheering onlookers.

It was a feel-good story that resonated with millions, quickly going viral the world over, and eliciting responses from President Barack Obama and Batman actors including Adam West and Ben Affleck, among many others. And while the trailer reveals that there were some bumps in the road -- how do you install a carseat in a Batmobile replica? -- it ultimately aims to explain how and why acts of kindness can unite the globe.

"Batkid Begins" itself came together in a similar fashion to Miles's wish, with filmmakers raising money through an Indiegogo campaign to finish the flick. It's now set to make its debut in theaters backed by Warner Bros., the very company behind the blockbuster "Batman" flicks. If that isn't super, we don't know what is.

Check out the trailer -- and a poster -- below, and prepare to get emotional. Spoiler alert: this story has a (very) happy ending.

Batkid Begins

"Batkid Begins" is due for a limited release on June 26.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.