Weekend Watchlist: 'Tomorrowland' & 'Poltergiest'

This weekend, George Clooney and Britt Robertson join forces to figure out the secrets of a place that exists in their memories called "Tomorrowland," while Sam Rockwell attempts to save his daughter from evil forces in a remake of "Poltergeist."

Also in theaters this weekend:
  • "Chocolate City" follows a broke college student after he meets the owner of a male strip club and decides to take a shot at amateur night.
  • "Aloft" stars Jennifer Connelly as a struggling mother who comes face to face with the son she abandoned many years before.
  • "Sunshine Superman" is a documentary about Carl Boenish, the man who started the BASE jumping movement, and his passion for thrill-seeking.
  • In the animated tale of "When Marnie Was There," a young girl with health issues meets an unlikely friend after moving to the countryside.