Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Wedding Surprise
Have you ever wished that Dwayne Johnson was your BFF? It turns out that being bros with The Rock means that you could be in store for a surprise wedding, and that's exactly the stunt that the actor helped pull off for one of his friends during a recent press tour.

Johnson gave comedian Nick Mundy the surprise of his life last Saturday when Mundy showed up with the Screen Junkies team to film a bit with the actor in promotion of new disaster flick "San Andreas." While Mundy -- who had donned American flag pants for the occasion -- was initially told that The Rock's schedule suddenly could not accommodate the crew, Johnson was secretly waiting in the wings with Mundy's fiancee, Dilara Karabas -- and he was about to officiate their wedding.

Once Mundy realized what was happening -- and muttered a comment about his flamboyant pants -- the shock quickly turned to joy, especially when the comedian walked down the aisle (escorted by Johnson, who was legally ordained as an officiant in the state of California specifically for the occasion) to see his family and friends waiting for him. Then the tears began to flow as Karabas, decked out in a gorgeous gown, entered the room and greeted her groom at the altar.

Check out video of the epic surprise -- which went off without a hitch, and is quite a bit sweeter and more emotional than you'd imagine -- below. Congrats to the happy couple, and special kudos to Johnson for sneaking a "San Andreas" plug into the vows (hey, it was supposed to be a junket, after all).