Honest Trailers - 'Armageddon'
The only thing more fun than watching a movie like "Armageddon" is making fun of it later. It's even better when Ben Affleck is doing the dissing, so props to Screen Junkies for including the actor's commentary in the new "Armageddon" Honest Trailer.

"Gear up for the best film about drilling into an asteroid and nuking it since the one that came out two months earlier," the trailer begins, giving a nod to "Deep Impact." "And let yourself enjoy this guilty pleasure that's the movie equivalent of Taco Bell. Looks OK on the surface, but for the love of God, don't think too hard about what's inside." Just sit back enjoy a movie where everyone is always yelling, the clock is always ticking, Michael Bay works at NASA, and "everything that can go boom will go boom," including the title of the movie itself. Oh, and don't forget that "space dementia" is a thing.

You should watch this just for Ben's disses -- they include his actual commentary from the DVD, and he makes fun of the movie's lack of logic and mentions how Michael Bay told him to shut the f--k up. But the really funny part is that Owen Wilson "Wow." Perfection.

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