Without context, the trailer for "The End of the Tour" kind of looks like an odd couple road trip comedy. Like "Almost Famous" for the book tour set, with Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) on tour with author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel).

The movie is based on Lipsky's book, "Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace." It's based on a true story and follows the Davids during their five-day interview as they bonded, competed, and talked about the big picture of life while promoting Wallace's 1996 novel "Infinite Jest."

Here's the trailer:

The elephant in the room, not addressed in the trailer, is the fact that Wallace committed suicide in 2008. The Rolling Stone article was never actually published, but Lipsky's book was published in 2010, after Wallace's death. The David Foster Wallace estate released a statement saying they did not endorse the movie and Wallace would never have approved using the transcripts from that interview for this project. So there's some real-life tension that you won't see on screen.

Studio A24 is promoting "The End of the Tour" with the tagline "Imagine the greatest conversation you've ever had," trying to honor the man, the author, the spirit, and the message he left behind.

"The End of the Tour" will be released on July 31.

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