'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Paul Dano Gained 35 Pounds to Play Brian Wilson
Paul Dano stars as the young Brian Wilson (with John Cusack as the older version) in the new movie "Love & Mercy," which comes out this Friday, June 5. Paul was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, talking about the Beach Boys and the weight he gained for the movie. At first, Paul said, he gained 35 pounds and, when he showed up to the costume fitting, the director said, "Whoa." That was a little bit too much weight to gain -- and that's the "before" photo you see above, which was taken about a year before the "after" shot.

Paul said the funny thing is, when he got "chubby," he felt "really sexy." But the process of gaining weight was not that hot."I felt pretty bloated and sweaty most of the time. I had to eat 4,500 calories a day." (Jimmy: "Oh, is that bad?") Paul continued that he tried to do it as healthy as possible, but if the math didn't add up at the end of the day, he'd grab some wine and a tub of ice cream. (Jimmy noted that he basically became one of the Real Housewives.)

Paul didn't talk too much about his process of losing the weight, but he said he tore his ACL playing basketball with the extra weight, so right after he finished filming he had knee surgery. Then he just lay on the couch, feeling fat and on painkillers.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.