the walk, joseph gordon-levittA new trailer for Robert Zemeckis's ambitious film "The Walk" will leave you breathless -- and dizzy, and sweating, depending on how much you're afraid of heights.

The flick tells the jaw-dropping true story of French stunt artist Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who's always looking for a new place to string his high-wire and perform thrilling walks across the air. His latest target is the most audacious yet: A walk between the new Twin Towers at New York City's World Trade Center.

While his friends think he's insane (one played by "Parks and Rec" alum Ben Schwartz -- yes, Jean-Ralphio -- asks if they're supposed to watch him die), he nevertheless gains a group of supporters to help him pull off this definition-of-death-defying (not to mention illegal) act. All of this is illustrated with the type of mind-bending visual effects you'd expect from a big-budget superhero flick; instead, for this drama, Zemeckis and co. aim to give the audience a bird's-eye view of every inch of space between Petit and the ground, showing just how far he has to fall should he stumble during his stunt.

"People ask me, 'Why do you risk death?' For me, this is life," Petit explains.

Consider us hooked.

"The Walk" is due in theaters on October 2.

Photo credit: YouTube