It's aca-awesome news, if not exactly surprising: "Pitch Perfect 3" is a go. "Pitch Perfect 2" was a huge success -- even more than expected -- and The Hollywood Reporter said Universal and Gold Circle are moving ahead with round 3.

Sources told THR that negotiations have already started with Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two movies. However, they said it's not clear if Elizabeth Banks will return as director (as well as producer/actress/overall queen) or if Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be back as stars. They're not suggesting the ladies won't return, but they did note that the actresses could now ask for MAJOR $$$ since they have shown they are clearly worth it -- and, apparently, there were no options in place for Anna and Rebel. So they are in a position to negotiate hard. (Now we're picturing them in a meeting like that credit score commercial. What can YOU do for ME?)

THR said Anna and Rebel were paid about $2 million each for the second movie. That was a raise, they said, from low six figures for Anna and less than $100,000 for Rebel for the first movie. Well, what do you suggest they pitch for Pitch3 -- $10 million each? Start the bidding...

Are you excited to hear that the "Pitch" will be perfect once again, however they resolve that with the plot, or do you wish they would just quit while they're ahead?

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